Welcome to the Virtual ClassRoom

Removing the Borders of Space and Time...

This exciting new learning environment allows instructors and students alike access to educational resources in the most exciting and interactive way possible.

From your first day of class to your last exam the virtual classroom is 'your portal' to education 'your way'.

From streaming flash video lectures and online testing to a host of downloadable support features the virtual classroom offers a learning experience like no other.


For Students

Are you looking for an education but can't find the time to attend school? Thinking about starting a new career but can't leave your current job? Can't relocate because of family commitments?

You can finally have the education you've always wanted...on your terms. Take part in LIVE lectures via an internet broadcast that puts YOU in the classroom. Interact with your classmates in real time!

...Welcome to the Virtual Classroom - Your classroom is ready when you are, where you are

    * Say goodbye to time constraints...Open 24/7
    * Achieve a World-Class education from your home
    * All you need is your computer and Hi-Speed internet